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Paris Turns 5 Months Old - Steve Gets New Job - and More
The Wiidemans cruise to Ensenada
Steve's Uncle Dan runs the Long Beach Marathon (again)!
Steve graduates college!
We're having a BABY!!
The Castaneda-Brown Reunion and Yosemite Trip
Steve's Uncle Dan runs the Long Beach Marathon!
The Wiidemans head to Las Vegas!
Steve wins Student of the Month Award
Melissa gets a promotion
Wiidemans have a new pet
Steve starts another term at Westwood College








09/23/05 Paris Turns 5 Months Old!

We both can't believe our little girl is already turning 5 months old! Sorry for not posting the great news about our daughter, Paris Rose Wiideman. We've been extremely busy with learning parenthood from the school of hard knocks. We are both so proud and so in love with our little Paris Rose.

Steve starting working for Quest International on July 25th, and will be permanent effective October 25th. His new role is "Search Engine Optimizer" (big surprise huh?).

Melissa's company, Onyx Acceptance Corporation was recently purchased by Capital One. We're both excited about the acquisition and look forward to so positive changes there.

That's all for now, we'll try to keep our news more current, sorry about the gap.

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10/24/04 The Wiidemans Cruise to Ensenada

This year's vacation choice was aboard the Monarch of the Seas, which included a voyage to San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensenada (Mexico). Other than some rainy weather, we had a blast! We stayed on the ship while it docked in San Diego, lounging around, playing Bingo, and exploring the massive vessel. We disembarked to visit Catalina Island, even though our underwater tour had been cancelled. The weather started to clear up as we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Channel House Restaurant, near the Casino.

Ensenada was a lot of fun too, although the weather was still a drag. The sun came out long enough for us to check out La Bufadora and shop at the nearby flea market. I had my usual bag of churros ($2 now), and Melissa did some Christmas shopping.

The food onboard was awesome! Steve gained about 8 pounds from all the drinks, steaks, and 2nd helpings of chocolate desserts! Overall the trip was just we needed to unwind from 3 years of Steve being in college! It was a also the perfect opportunity to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Wiideman (est. May 8th, 2005)!

Click here to see the photos from our trip.

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10/10/04 Steve's Uncle Dan runs the Long Beach Marathon (again)!

Congratulations to Jim Threlfall, who not only ran another excellent marathon this year, but significantly beat last year's time! GREAT JOB Uncle Dan!

Click here for more photos from this year's race

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10/05/04 Steve Graduates College!

A nearly 3-Year drive to finish college finally comes to an end, as Steve completes his last class at Westwood College of Technology. The ceremony is set to be held at the Anaheim Hotel on December 17th, around 2:00 PM (the school only holds two ceremonies per year).

See pictures of the graduation by clicking here.

So how did Steve do in school? Well, outside of his 3.82 GPA, Steve tested out of 5 courses (proficiency exams), putting him one term ahead of his peers, and allowing him the time to enjoy his upcoming vacation. He now has a Bachelor of Science Degree in E-Business Management.

So what's next? The horizon is wide open, but immediate plans include finding a more rewarding job, spending time with his family, and getting back in shape. "Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement, without it I never would have accomplished so much in so little time" - Steve

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9/15/04 We're Having a BABY!!

You should have seen the reaction on Steve's Mom's face when we broke the good news! And oh the screams of joy when Melissa made the announcement to her family! We are so grateful to all of you who share our happiness and have been so supportive of our hopes and dreams.

Here's the word from the OBGYN: Baby Wiideman is to arrive sometime around May 8th (yes, Mother's Day). We've already picked out names, and we're definitely going to find out what sex the baby is next month. If the baby is a girl, we're going with Paris, and if it's a boy, Steven Jr. will be his name.

Stayed tuned for either a Paris or a Steven web site within the next several months!

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5/29/04 Castaneda-Brown Reunion and Yosemite Trip

It was so nice to see everyone at the Castaneda-Brown Reunion! This is Melissa's side of the family, and included everyone on her Great Grandfather's side (Castaneda) as well on her Great Grandmother's side (Brown). We arrived at Eastman Lake (just north of Fresno) in the early afternoon, had some sandwiches, played some volleyball and did the whole "meet and greet" thing. Several of us got to see the lake and go Jet Skiing, courtesy of Tony and Anita Roman (thanks guys!), which was AWESOME to say the least. We finished the afternoon with dinner: tri-tip steak, carne asada, and lots of other great food. Before saying our goodbye's, we took family photos and cleaned up cuts and bruises earned by the younger folks. Overall, we had a WONDERFUL time; both of us can't wait until the next event! Here are some photos from the reunion:

Click Here for Reunion Photos

We drove to Yosemite a day before the reunion. It was pouring when we got there, but the sun did finally come through. Our first stop was Glacier Point, where the temperature was at 36 degrees (and raining), drove down to the valley and stopped at the Historical Center, Tunnel View, Bridal Veil Falls, then parked at Curry Village. We bought some souvenirs, jumped on the tram and toured the valley a bit. We stopped at Yosemite Falls and ate at the Lodge with a few hundred French tourists. Before leaving, we checked out the Visitor Center (watched "The Spirit of Yosemite" film), then walked around the Indian Village. Whew! We couldn't believe how much we got to see in just one day! Hopefully we'll make it up to Yosemite again soon, the park was SO beautiful! Check out our photos of Yosemite here:

Click Here for Yosemite Photos

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10/12/03 Steve's Uncle Dan runs the Long Beach Marathon

Steve's Uncle Dan and his grandparents came out for a visit this weekend (and - for Uncle Dan - to run a 26.2 mile marathon). You can check out all of our photos by clicking here. Saturday we had a great dinner at Steve's mom's place and had a special visit from Mr. Glen Rogers (Steve's cousin). Sunday, we drove down to Long Beach to watch Dan compete in the LB Marathon. Though his time wasn't what he had hoped for, we were all very proud of him for completing the race in an excellent time. Great job Uncle Dan!

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7/4/03 The Wiidemans go to Vegas

We had a wonderful 3 days in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. You can check out all of our photos by clicking here. Our adventure took us to the Blue Man Group, the Imax Grand Canyon, and to the Mandalay Bay Hotel for some shopping and a nice, quiet lunch.

We left on Tuesday morning (July 1st), via American Airlines, and arrived in Vegas around noon. After checking in, we picked up our show tickets, put our luggage away and gave ourselves a tour of the Luxor Hotel and Casino from top to bottom. We had a late lunch at the Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet. We got there at 3:30 because of a tip that they switch the lunch/dinner selections around that time (so we got dinner items at lunch prices). Thoroughly fattened up by the Pharaoh, we strolled around the enormous casino again to check out what other entertainment was offered.

The Blue Man Group started at 7:00 PM, so we got in line around 6:30 and were seated by 6:45. The show started with the three unusual-looking men coming out behind a silhouette and playing three tall set of drums, which spit colorful splashes of liquid at each beat. They continued by making art with a game of catch (using marsh mellows and paint balls), and moved into a crunching contest eating Captain Crunch pieces and making a nice mess of the stage. As the show continued, the music became more and more detailed and complex. A 6-member band hid in glow-in-the-dark make-up on each side of the stage (actually above the stage), while the men in blue used newer and larger self-made instruments of pipe and drum pieces. A unique touch included spirals of water on each side of the stage, which looked like Texas tornadoes confined in a huge plastic tube. The tube was surrounded by thin mannequins who until this part of the show, simply stood quietly staring at the plastic cylinders. Then without warning the floor beneath the figures began to spin and the effect was the appearance of the figures dancing around in a circle -- that had to be the coolest effect. Before the show ended, a couple miles of thick tissue paper was dropped from the back of the audience and was pulled by everyone in the crowd to the front of the stage; not a place to be if you are claustrophobic (which neither of us are). Overall, the show was entertaining, cute, and fun, but I don't think I would have paid $90 per person to see it had I known what the show was all about before hand. Grade = B-

The rest of the trip included seeing a great IMAX movie about the history and geography of Grand Canyon, a topless review (Midnight Fantasies), and of course spending some time at the Blackjack tables (we did 'so-so'). Other restaurants we ate at included Raffles at Mandalay Bay (only a tram ride away from Luxor), which had a beautiful view of the famous Beach and Lazy Lagoon. The Nile Deli had great well-packed sandwiches at reasonable prices (we both had the turkey, which was excellent), and the Pyramid Cafe, which also featured inexpensive but delicious meals.

Our short vacation ended on Steve's birthday, July 3rd, when we caught our flight home and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the Pringles at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse. Overall, we had a great time and would definitely recommend the Luxor to anyone visiting Las Vegas!

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6/15/03 Steve wins Student of the Month Award

Maybe it's the fact that he's earned a 4.0 six consecutive terms in a row (or maybe it's just luck) but for the month of June, 2003, Steve is Westwood College of Technology's Student of the Month. His award included a really classy plaque and the VIP parking spot in front of the school. Here's a couple photos:

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6/10/03 Steve starts another term at Westwood College

With only 3 10-week terms left, Steve is finally getting closer to earning his Bachelor's Degree. For those who don't already know, he's in school to earn a degree in E-Business Management. EBM covers networking, graphic design, programming, web server, business, and management.

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6/10/03 Wiidemans have new pet

Introducing Carlton the Cat.....well, Kitten rather. Carlton is a dark gray and light gray striped tabby. We picked him from a foster owner in La Mirada. Carlton is 11 weeks old. We'll have some pictures for you soon!

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6/10/03 Melissa gets a promotion

After two years at Onyx Acceptance Corporation, in Foothill Ranch, Melissa has been promoted to Customer Service E-mail Coordinator. Great job Melissa!

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